The Flinders


The Flinders was started to provide a comprehensive resource on, well… the Flinders Ranges.

Existing websites do a reasonable job of showcasing the main attractions, but they tend to skimp on the details and are often written for travellers who want to tick attractions off a list.

The Flinders is a resource for anyone who wants to delve deeper into what the area has to offer. It’s for those who want detailed, personalised advice. For those who enjoy relaxing, meaningful holidays that make the best use of their time.

The site will also answer some of the most important Flinders-specific questions. These are the questions I see repeated on social media platforms, and they usually involve topics that can ruin a trip.


When is the best time to visit? What do you need to be prepared for?


How remote is the Flinders? What services are available?


Where can you stay and what types are accommodation available? Do you need to book ahead?


How do you get to the Flinders? Do you need a 4WD to access the best of what the area has to offer?


What is there to do? What activities do I need to prioritise to feel satisfied


What permits do you need to enter or camp in the national parks? 


Can you take pets into the national park? Where are the best pet-friendly areas? 


How can you enjoy your time in the outback and around wildlife safely?

Cultural sensitivity 

What Indigenous customs, protocols, or etiquette do you need to be aware of as a visitor?

Who am I?

Sunset on the Hawker to Leigh Creek road

Hi! My name is Ben, and I’m the one-man band behind The Flinders. I’m a writer by trade so content development is very much in my wheelhouse… I only wish I could say the same about website design!

What I can attest to is a long and sustained love of the Flinders Ranges region. I first visited when I was a few years old, but distinctly remember camping in Brachina Gorge with a set-up that consisted of a VK Berlina and second-hand campervan.

Now Brachina Gorge is about the best introduction anyone can have to the Flinders Ranges, and I instantly became enamoured with the whispering trees, towering rock faces, and a general sense of isolation and peace.

The Flinders is in my blood and I feel a palpable sense of loss when I haven’t visited in a while. I’m sure many of you feel the same way and share my enthusiasm for this wild and enchanting slice of South Australia.

Please feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions or comments. I would love to hear from you and help in any way I can!

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Where to stay

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What to do

Wilpena Pound is spectacular. But there's so much more to discover and experience in the Flinders.


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